Splash the Cash and Tear up the Track

Monday, 12 July, 2021

There really is nothing quite like owning or driving a supercar. They make hopeless commuters, are expensive to run and are hamstrung by speed limits. Effectively the owners of such vehicles have a Saville Row suit or a Gucci dress without a suitable event to attend. But there is just something about them that draws us in. We marvel at the engineering that goes into their development, the history and prestige of the badge that adorns their frames and, in many cases, we are utterly transfixed by their beauty. Or maybe we should forgo the fancy descriptions and say that we just want to tap into our inner child, who loved things for the sake of loving them before life drilled into us the notion that things have to be acquired because they serve a function. There is a reason that movie icons such as Steve McQueen, Sean Connery and Paul Newman owned them, advertised them and used them in their films; they are just simply sexy.

        But fear not because there are always those amongst us that can see a gap in the market to fulfil our wants, nay, desires. Track days are increasingly popular and serve a vital function in allowing affluent petrol heads to give their Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Aston Martins and Porsche’s the, colloquially speaking, full beans. On the blessed tarmac of some of the most famous circuits around the globe you can experience the full power and performance of your cherished high-powered car.

        To own such a vehicle you probably have some interest in vintage and classic cars, but these are such a laborious chore to own. If you own a hyper car like a Lamborghini then you are probably fed up with the limitations inflicted upon you anyway, so why undergo the stress and hard work of buying a classic car, only to miss your children growing up while you constantly work on it to make it somewhat driveable? Again, the fear should still not be there. Track days are not limited to those who wish to drive their own car around the circuit, but they also allow people to hire classic cars, that have been worked on by those that actually know what they are doing, for the express purpose of sating your appetite for nostalgia and performance.

        Whether you wish to experience the full power of your own car or try the classic models that influenced their creation, track days are the best way to fully realise these desires.

Your brand spanking new Aston Martin DB11 has just arrived, and you take a moment to soak in the contours and grooves that make it a sight to behold. Afterwards, with excitable glee, you open the door and settle into the driver seat. The 503bhp V12 engine that can do 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds is at your command. Venturing onto the road, a tantalising taste of the potential power becomes increasingly apparent before suddenly… There is traffic. The DB11 has a top speed of 187 mph and yet it becomes apparent that reaching 70 is a bit of a fluke.

         Frustration an understatement in such circumstances so there is only one thing left to do, book a day at the track. The home of British motorsport Silverstone offers such opportunities. The joy of this is that taking your own car to a day at the racetrack is one of the few leisure activities that inherently conforms to social distancing guidelines. It is here that the DB11, so hardly worked for, comes into its own. Yes the ride is luxurious and comfortable at slow speeds, but rampaging over the tarmac, swerving through the turns and reaching its maximum speed on the straights is what it is all about. Whatever supercar is in your possession, spending a day at Silverstone enables any driver the full experience of the machinery they own. Generations of engineering and precision has gone into maximising the full potential of each car and it would be a shame for any discerning motorist to never taste the bounty, power and majesty they have to offer. Whether you are a romantic or not, there is no doubt that high-powered cars inspire something within that causes us to take a step back and marvel at how our species, descended from apes, can achieve such feats of engineering.

        Of course the classics such as the Jaguar E Type, Chevrolet Corvette, and the Ferrari 250 GTO are a must for every motoring enthusiast but, as stated before, they can be frustrating to maintain. Added costs and labour can make owning such landmarks in automotive history more of a chore and labour than a pleasure. This does not mean that one cannot experience the sensations that put them on the map though. It is possible to hire such models and have them delivered to a track of your choosing, thus negating the strife of owning a classic car, to facilitate a carefree day soaking in their beauty and ride.

       Impracticality is not limited to the old, as the new have their fair share of issues. A Mercedes Benz feels firmly at home on the track, but you can also take the kids to school in it, go shopping, and cruise the commute to work. The same however cannot be said for the Ariel Atom. Taking just 3.2 seconds to achieve 0-60 mph and boasting a 245bhp engine it is phenomenally fast, famously it ruined Jeremy Clarkson’s face when he tested it for Top Gear. With an entry price of £39,975 it is also a bit expensive for what is, essentially, a toy. But thanks to companies such as Track Days it is possible to hire fantastically impractical, but wonderfully barmy, cars such as these and have them delivered to any track of your choosing. This then allows you to spend a day full of exhilaration indulging your inner nine-year-old, before making a more dignified return home in a Bentley Continental.

So unleash the full potential of your supercar. You may be restricted on the journey there, but out on the track embrace the power and controlled insanity that is on offer, after all it is what you paid for. Alternatively use track days as an opportunity to get a taste of your dream car, without the unnecessary strife of having to own it. So few leisure activities are possible in the current climate but this one, however, is.

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