Get The Most Out Of Monte Carlo With Axerian’s Luxury Concierge Service

Thursday, 1 July, 2021

Monte Carlo. The playground of the rich that glitters with the presence of the glitterati. A place where many can only experience its wonders within the salubrious serenity of slumber. It is a place of captivating beauty and opulence that only those who have been there can hope to find the words to do it justice. With the waters of the Mediterranean shimmering upon its shores, and mountainous peaks soaring behind it, the city is situated delicately between the powers of nature. As such it has been the inspiration of artists, poets and filmmakers. There is a certain romance to the place, a particular draw that pulls everyone to its vicinity, even if they cannot afford to make such a venture.

        Those with such means however can expect an experience that is utterly unique. It may be famous for the grand prix that takes place there, but the town has so much more to offer. It would not have its reputation for extravagant opulence because of one single event. Dear reader I hope to take you on a journey through the town itself. Through the winding roads, the boutique shops and the sumptuous banquets the local restaurants have to offer. Axerian, as a luxury concierge service, can facilitate any desire their clients have. But surely Monte Carlo is at the top of any affluent bucket list.

As with most luxurious experiences, there is so much on offer that it can be hard to know where to start. Well the first thing, of course, is actually getting there. Monte Carlo has been the setting of James Bond films, so why not arrive in such a fashion? You can charter a helicopter that will drop you off a couple of miles out of town, and then be picked up by a car of your choice. You are then presented with a very difficult decision. Do you take on the driver as a chauffeur?  Or do you drive it yourself? Either way it is your experience, your preferred palate for your personal journey. Therefore you have the agency to take control. The Mediterranean climate means that there is never a bad time to visit. However, the tourist season peaks in July and August, and can lead to an uncomfortable combination of high temperatures and large crowds. Similarly, when Monaco hosts its annual Formula 1 Grand Prix it becomes jam-packed. This may be perfect for any jet setting petrol heads, but to others it could be somewhat less desirable. Essentially this has been the appeal of Monte Carlo for so many years, its diverse range of pursuits that can cater for any tourist.

         Travellers will also be spoilt for choice as to their choice of accommodation. Those of a nautical disposition can travel in sumptuous luxury via the waters of the Mediterranean and moor alongside the ultra-wealthy on a super yacht. Axerian is more than capable of providing such a service, but for anyone wishing to remain on dry land then Axerian recommends a stay at the Hotel Métropole, in particular taking advantage of the Carre D’Or Suite. With views overlooking the sea, rooms can be booked from €12,500 per night. Guests opting for this can expect bespoke service, a room of opulent comfort with a personalised welcome upon arrival, including delicacies and a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne. What makes this a fantastic choice is the Métropole Lifestyle card that you receive. This gives guests priority access to the restaurants of the Hotel, to the Spa Métropole by Givenchy, free access to the Monte-Carlo Casino and advantages in many shops.

        Gambling is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the town of Monte Carlo owes its current name as a must-see attraction to the affluent because of it. You may not wish to try your luck with the croupier, but the building itself is historic, and quite a spectacle to behold. You can arrive before 2pm to walk around and soak it in, but after that is when the action starts, and a strict over-18s-only policy is enforced. Dress up in your finest and feel like a movie star, you will probably meet some there as well. Remember though that you must take your passport with you because Monégasque citizens are prohibited from gambling there. No matter what trajectory your trip takes, a visit to the casino is a must, even if it is just obtain bragging rights that you have been there.

        Monte Carlo has a reputation for giving its visitors a riotous experience replete with all forms of revelry, and deservedly so. It boasts a vibrant night life where bumping into celebrities on the dance floor or in the bars is just par for the course. Of particular note is Jimmy’z Monte Carlo. This hotspot boasts an enormous indoor and outdoor discotheque that has been delighting night owls for four decades It is one of many places, but the joy of Monte Carlo is that everything is but a stroll away, and part of the joy this place offers is finding your own way in the cosmopolitan site where all tastes of the affluent are catered for.

       However not every traveller is satisfied by late nights of intoxication and revelry. Monte Carlo is not only a place for parties but also has many cultural sites for those seeking a low key and quieter adventure. For those interested in history then a visit to Palais Princier de Monaco, the prince’s palace where the House of Grimaldi has lived and reigned for nearly eight centuries, is a must. While there, it is imperative to see Prince Rainier’s famous car collection, which includes vintage models and retired Formula 1 racers. The Jardin Exotique rivals the gardens of Versailles in its splendour and diversity. It is home to the world’s largest succulent and cactus collection, from small echinocereus to 10m-tall African candelabras. The gardens cascade down the slopes of Moneghetti like a horticultural waterfall and creep their way through a maze of paths, stairs and bridges.

Everyone knows that Monte Carlo is the playground of the rich, but hopefully this article has shed some light onto some of the delights this picturesque Mediterranean coastal town has to offer. You may be intrigued by some of the things mentioned above, or you may wish to forge your own path of opulence. Whatever your desires, the Axerian concierge service is there to guide you. Due to our ever-expanding black book of contacts in the luxury travel sector, we can create a bespoke service for you. Axerian will organise everything from getting there to arranging any special VIP treatment you may wish to indulge in whilst there. Monte Carlo promises the greatest of delights that luxury travel can offer, and Axerian is there to ensure you have access to its highest potentials of pleasures.

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